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Software released version 1.5.9854

After waiting 25 day new version software with new changes in the site was ready. New Features Added to the list are as follows: Design of two...
Publish time: Tuesday 28 August 2012 10:29:05


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Thicket is a system to organize your requests to a specific department. In this part, you can send and follow requests. If you are a member of the system, you will be able to view tickets which send from this part in your panel.
The Knowledge Base is the collection of instructive articles in especial subject and by referring to this part you can learn a lot of useful information around your especial subject.
The latest news about help desk system and other news are registered in this part . In addition for light-handed of users the registration news in this part was grouping in especial groups .
Help part prepares a complete help tools about every part of your desired system. By referring to it you can see the facilities and details about the system which registration on it.
In this part there is some useful and effective files in grouping and you can download your required files.
This is a custom block which is customizable by admin inside of control-panel. This type of blocks will be used when you want to set links to the any desirable web pages.
سوالات متداول بخش گارانتی محصولات
برخی از سوالات شما کاربران عزیز در بخش سوالات متدوال ذکر شده است. در صورتی که به پاسخ خود دست نیافتید می توانید سوال خود را مطرح نمایید.
ارسال گزارش خرابی
کاربرگرامی، در صورت بروز ایرادات سخت افزاری و نرم افزاری در محصول خریداری شده، می توانید از فرم مخصوص گزارش خرابی علاوه بر سیستم تیکتینگ، استفاده نمایید.

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